Why is it that so many women in this world still do not know their worth? It is actually disheartening and I stay frazzled every time I notice women going through the typical emotions of tying their worthiness to a man. Why do we do this and what are the gains? Let me answer there is nothing to gain by some of the ways that we think as women. For example, Yes, I understand wanting to have companionship because God created companionship in many different forms for us to enjoy on this earth. We do not have to feel lonely due to the many forms of companionship that is provided; friendships that we confide in, parental relationships we seek advice from in our daily lives regardless of how old we become, siblings that offer that raw advice without sugarcoating it, Pastors teachers, mentors or even therapist that give that spiritual, emotional,  and educational guidance that keeps us watered. Let’s be clear, there is another form of relationship that I am speaking of right now and that is between a man and woman. What is so beautiful is that the creator designed the passion between a man and woman that is so ravishing intense. The diamond in this is that when we give our hearts to our soul mates; that one who is so compatible that they understand us even when we do not speak, the one who holds the protection to our hearts to the point where they do not play on our hearts but rather protect the weakness of it, the one who looks at us with passion in their eyes, the one who takes us from the brutality of the world and be that sanctuary is that moment we have the privilege to experience the depth of love.

The one thing we should not be entangled in is that our self-worth comes from who we are attached to romantically because this is not the case at all. Our self-worth is was attached to us from day one. The day that we were bought into the universe by the creator is the same day we were sealed with worthiness. We are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalms 139:14 which mean God took his time and was careful because He was creating Kings and Queens in His very image. If we were to attach our self-worth to who people and things we will always be on an identity “emotional roller coaster” crisis. Life rapidly changes and what’s around us does as well therefore it is important to be firm in who you are as a person.


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