Protect Thy Energy

In all its beauty the people in the world are flawed in character, Myself included. I use to say things along the lines, “this world is crazy”. Growing in wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned in all actuality it is not the world that is crazy but rather the actions of the people in it. The universe is alluring and supreme even places that are blemished are beautiful because it is a remarkable piece of creation. Take a look at these breath-taking photos a friend of mine sent me that were taken in San Juan.

Those pictures give me a serene feeling as I was looking at them because they are beautiful. All of the Creators creation is appealing including us faulty humans. Though we all have our mishaps, I recognize the power of energy and I chose to protect my energy at all times because energy speaks. Have you ever been around someone and their aura is positive that you automatically open up like a flower? The genuine feeling that overtakes you about that person presence is that there are not many people in the world with such a mood, a vibe, that make you want to know them. Make no mistake about it I am not dismissing hardships that we are faced with that weigh down heavy on our hearts that sometimes shifts our energy or  having what we all call “our moments”. Though it is hard for me, being that I am an introvert and is immensely private, allow me to be transparent with you. I’ve been through many obstacles such as poverty when I was young, my sister Jessica and I being jumped by students when we were in middle school, and dealt with anxiety due to bullying. The few that were name were the ones that affected me the most. When we conquer traumas they can still bother with our emotions at times but the beauty is not allowing it to have a total stronghold of our overall productivity.

            There are individuals who allowed so much to keep a stronghold of them that their aura, their presence, their energy is negative. Our energy can be our safe haven but it depends on how we feed it. All the people and things within our lives that bring us positive vibes, grow us in character, allow us to evolve, and overall enhance us as a human being are what we should attach to and aspire to.


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